Each and every Thermatras® insulation blanket is an extremely durable, made-to-measure product of the highest quality. Thermatras® insulation blankets are thermal insulators made of glass fabric, sometimes in combination with synthetic fabrics, filled with Rockwool insulation material, and they come with stainless steel fastening hooks. These hooks are connected to each other with stainless steel wire. To prevent the filling from shifting, the blankets are tufted. This is what gives them their characteristic blanket-like appearance.

Glass and synthetic fabrics The choice of fabric depends on the following factors :
  • The temperature of the object to be insulated (from 0°C to 1.000 °C)
  • The medium used to heat the object (exhaust fumes, steam, thermal oil etc)
  • The external circumstances where the object is located (damp, dirt, grease, dust, acids etc)
  • The location of the project (inside or outside)

There is a wide range of glass and synthetic fabrics that can be used for all kinds of applications. The choice of fabric is determined by the properties of the fabric, the weight per m2, the type of weave (the gauge and number of threads) and the finish.

Glass fabric can have a finishing coating such as silicon, PU (polyurethane), PTFE (Teflon) etc. There are also glass fabric types that are covered in aluminium foil (cached) and fabric that is coated with a finish so that the resistance to temperature is increased and to stop the fabric from unravelling. A neutral fabric is often used for synthetic fabrics so that their specific properties are retained. Besides glass fabric, there are also special fabrics for temperatures greater than 500 °C, such as reinforced E-glass, silica fabric and ceramic fabric. These materials, however, are less commonly used.

Examples of Thermatras® insulation blanket glass fibric varieties: