Thermatras® Insulation for Energy Efficiency, Safety Improvement and Cost Saving Opportunities for Breweries.

One of the pillars of TPM (Total Productive Management) is the "Energy Saving Program" ESP (reducing Water, electricity and Thermal Energy consumptions) as part of CSR " Corporate Social Responsibility".

An energy management program creates a foundation for improvement and provides guidance for managing energy throughout an organization. In companies without a clear program in place, opportunities for improvement may be unknown or may not be promoted or implemented because of organizational barriers. These barriers may include a lack of communication among plants, a poor understanding of how to create support for an energy efficiency project, limited finances, poor accountability for measures or perceived change from the status quo.

Even when energy is a significant cost for an industry, many companies still lack a strong commitment to improve energy management. Quoted by " Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory".

Steam and superheated water Natural gas and fuel account for about 60% the total primary energy consumed by the malt beverages industry. These fuels are primarily used as inputs to boilers to produce steam or superheated water for various processes and to generate onsite electricity. Steam or superheated water produced in the boiler house is used in the brew house 30-60 %, (mashing and lauter tun processes and wort boiling), service building 15-20 % (CIP installations and hotwater Tanks), packaging department 20-30 %, (bottle washers, pasteurizers, CIP installations) and facility heating < 10 %.

Payback period The improved insulation of steam valves, flanges, strainers, pumps, heat exchangers, etc. has a typical payback period < 2 years.

Brewery references Thermatras® is specialized in making cost- and benefit calculations concerning the heat loss of non insulated valves, providing the technical management with a practical tool to communicate this energy saving opportunity and creating budget for this investment. Thermatras® has installed the insulation blankets in breweries situated in countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Nigeria, South-Africa, Russia, etc.

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