The applications for Thermatras® insulation blankets are very diverse. In effect, all problematic shapes and sizes in mechanical engineering installations can be insulated using insulation blankets. Thermatras® is mainly active in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Italy, but also exports to other countries both within and beyond the EU.

Shipping Thermatras® insulation blankets were originally used in the shipping industry and we are still active in this sector to this day. Our clients include mussel cutters, inland vessels, chemical tankers, bulk carriers, dredgers, patrol vessels (harbour service, police, Department of Waterways, pilot ships), tug boats, service boats, pipe layers MV Audacia, MV Solitaire, MV Lorelay (Allseas Marine Contractors), crane ship Svanen (Ballast Nedam). Applications within the shipping industry are not restricted to Rotterdam. Thermatras® also serves shipyards and shipping companies in other locations within the Netherlands as well as in Belgium and Italy.

Food industry Clients include: Heineken Breweries (NL/BE/ES), Alken-Maes Brewery (BE), Inbev Breweries (BE), Brewery Haacht (BE), Refresco (BE), Pepsico Looza (BE), FrieslandCampina (NL/BE) Coca Cola (NL), Alpro (BE), Danone (BE), Incopack (BE), Kraft LU General Biscuits (BE), Cargill (NL/BE), Beldem (BE), Puratos (BE), Belcolade (BE), Belgaarde (BE), Pepsico Veurne Snacks (BE), Masterfoods (NL/BE), Aviko (NL), McCain Foods (NL/BE), Farmfrites (BE), Farmo (BE), Danis (BE), D’Arta (BE), Verduyn (BE), La Corbeille (BE), Covameat (BE), Comeco (BE), Hendrix Meat Group (NL), Marine Harvest Pieters, Veos (BE), Algist Bruggeman (BE), Scana Noliko (BE), Verlirend (BE), Nestlé (NL/BE), Ad van Geloven – Mora (NL/BE), Astra Sweets (NL/BE), Perfetti van Melle (NL), R.V.B. Leaf Redband (NL), Jacque IJs (BE), Fratelli Sacla (IT), Salov (IT), Zwanenberg Conserven (NL), Hero (NL), Frumarco (NL), Yakult (NL), Prochamp (NL), Heinz (NL).

Non-residential building sectors Thermatras® has insulated the ancillaries in hundreds of central heating installations (in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Italy) including in the banking industry, schools, universities and colleges, hospitals (more than 70) and university medical centres, psychiatric institutions (more than 60) and rehabilitation centres, nursing homes, accommodation blocks (more than 500), sheltered workshops, detention centres, hotels, museums, office blocks, municipal buildings, swimming pools (more than 30), recreation centres, military barracks, government buildings and many other buildings with central heating and steam installations.

Power Stations / incinerators / combined heat and power installations / generators Clients include: Electrabel Doel (BE), Electrabel Langerlo (BE), Electrabel Vilvoorde (BE), Electrabel Kallo (BE), Electrabel Rodenhuize (BE), E.ON Capelle aan den IJssel (NL), E.On Rotterdam (NL), ARN Nijmegen (NL), ISVAG (BE), hundreds of installations and generators (NL/BE/DU/IT/DK).

Pharmaceutical industry Clients include: Ajinomoto Omnichem (BE), Janssen Pharmaceutica (BE), Pfizer-Capsugel (BE), Genzyme Flanders (BE), Shering-Plough (BE), Alcon (BE), Terumo (BE), Glaxo-Smith-Kline (IT), Nordmark Arzneimittel (D), Abbott Medical Optics (NL), Teva - PCH Pharmachemie (NL), Tiofarma (NL), Medimmune Pharma (NL), Medtronic (NL).

Chemical industry Clients include: Solvay (NL/BE/IT), Esso (NL/BE), Shell (NE), Lanxess (BE), BP (BE), Transfurans (BE), Total Fina (BE), Sadepan (BE), DOW (NL), Alco Bio Fuel (BE), Oiltanking Ghent (BE), Airproducts (NL/BE), Lyondell Basell (NL), Odfjell (NL).

Other industries The areas in which Thermatras® is active are very diverse. They include the asphalt industry, calcium silicate and cellular concrete industry, metallurgical industry, rubber and synthetics materials industry, carpet industry, textile industry, storage and distribution companies, laundries, tank storage, surface treatment industry, animal feed industry, chemical industry, soap, laundry and cleaning agents, paint, varnish and printing ink, synthetic fabrics, fertilizer, synthetic scent and flavourings, power stations, incinerator installations. Clients include: Eternit (BE), Promat (BE), Tessenderlo Chemie (BE), Recticel (BE),Duracell Batteries (BE), Panasonic Batteries (BE), Domo Fibres (BE), Utexbel (BE), Monks International (BE), DS Fibres (BE), Zwickauer Kammgarn (D), Crown General (BE), Beaulieu (BE), Ideal Fibres (FR), Bonar Floors (NL), Unilin Flooring (BE), Havep (NL), Puijenbroek (NL), Philips (NL), Forbo (NL), Xella Ytong (NL/BE), SIGMA Coatings (NL), Inkt Chemie (NL), ArcelorMittal (BE), Cehave Voeders Berghe (BE), Versela-Laga (BE), Goep Danis (BE), Hil’s Pet Nutrition (NL), Teurlings (NL), Raiffeisen Kraftfutterwerke (D), TKV Regau (A), E.J. Bos Mengvoeders (NL), De Valk Wekerom (NL), Koudijs – Wouda (NL),Bandag (BE), Ford (BE), Vredestein (NL), Goodyear Aviation (NL), Nedcar (NL), Tenneco (BE), New Holland (BE), Meridian Magnesian (IT), Fiat Mirafiori (IT), Fiat Teksid Aluminium (IT), Oleon (BE), Duroc (BE), Van Genechten Biermans (BE), Smurfit Kappa (BE), Stora Enso (BE), George Pacific (NL), Kappa (NL), Coldenhove (NL), Belgonucleaire (BE), Kem-Products (BE), Procter & Gamble (BE), MC Bride Household (BE), Ecolab (BE), Pioneer (BE), Cytec (BE), EOC (BE), Henr Wintermans Cigars (NL), Fujifilm (NL), KLM (NL), Transavia (NL), Canon Europe (NL), TNT Post (NL), Yamaha Motor Europe (NL), etc.