On board ships, it is the most normal thing in the world for all heated parts to be insulated. Safety and effective use of heat through proper insulation are fundamental. More and more frequently, shipping companies are using Thermatras® insulation blankets during their maintenance and repair activities and for new installations. This is done mainly from the point of view of cost savings. Insulation must be easy to remove because, for minor repairs during the voyage, the engineer will have to fit, remove and replace the insulation himself. This is why insulation blankets are used for both ancillaries and piping. “Time is money” is a pertinent saying, particularly within the shipping sector. All kinds of machinery and equipment is found on board ships, including pipes for exhaust and effluent gasses, hot water, steam and condensation, and for thermal oil and traced insulations (steam and electric).Thermatras ’ core activities are the measuring, producing and fitting of insulation blankets. However, Thermatras® also has a department dedicated to conventional insulating of walls and decks in the accommodation quarters and engine rooms of ships using mineral wool insulation. In these cases, a combination of mineral wool with sheet metal cladding is used. Insulation blankets are applied for those items that need to be removable. Safety in the shipping industry is fundamental. By taking precautionary measures, accidents can be prevented. Unfortunately, habit and routine lead to oversights.

The most important reasons for insulation in shipping are: Protection against fire:
-  Fire hazards in engine rooms through oil injectors coming into contact with hot exhaust pipes.
-  Insulation regulations by order of the shipping inspectorate and insurance companies.
Improving the working conditions of crew:
-  Preventing burn hazards through coming into contact with hot pipes and ancillaries.
-  Reducing the ambient temperature.
Controlling the temperature of the cargo:
-  When products in transport must not condensate, solidify or vaporise, insulation is of vital importance.
-  Steam pressure and temperature are directly dependent on each other. If too much energy is lost, the requisite steam pressure level
   will not be attained and more stoking will be required. Insulation contributes directly to energy savings.

In the shipping industry, insulation must meet 3 requirements:
-  It should be possible to insulate parts easily and quickly because stationary ships cost money
-  Insulation must be removable and easy to refit so that crew can access the insulated parts for maintenance and repairs during
   the voyage.
-  Insulation must be effective.

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